2 ways to unblock a user account in Windows 11

In Windows 11, a new policy has been added that can block a user account when a wrong password is used 10 times to log in. It does not matter if this is a wrong password via local logins, such as a password via screensaver or remote via remote desktop.

This relates to the new “account lock threshold” policy. To unlock a user account that has been locked, an administrator must log in and unlock the account.

This article explains how an administrator can unlock a locked user account from Computer Management or the Command Prompt.

Unblock a user account in Windows 11

If a user account has been blocked for a reason other than a policy, you can use the steps below to unblock the user account.

Unblock a user account using Computer management

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on “Computer Management”.

On the left side, click on “Local Users and Groups”. Then to display all user accounts click on “Users”.

On the right side, you will see all the user accounts in Windows 11. Double click on the user account you want to unblock. Then in the “General” tab, uncheck the “Account is disabled” option. Finally, click on OK to confirm.

Unblock user account in Windows 11 using Computer management

Unblock a user account using the Command Prompt

You have now unblocked the user account through computer management. However, if you only have access to the Command Prompt, you can unblock a blocked user account in the following way.

First, using the command:

net users

All user accounts. Then you enter the following command to unblock the corresponding user account via Command Prompt.

net user "user account name" /active:yes

Of course, change the user account name with the account name you wish to unblock.

Unblock user account using command prompt in Windows 11

Log off and log on again using the user account you just released.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thank you for reading!

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