4 ways to Boot Windows 11 to the Advanced Startup Options

If you are experiencing problems with Windows 11 or Windows 11 won’t startup, you can use the “Advanced Startup Options”.

The Advanced Startup Options provide several tools to help you troubleshoot Windows 11. For example, several utilities, such as Startup Recovery, can help you recover Windows from a serious error.

You can also use the Startup Settings to disable various features during startup and enable Safe Mode. Using the Advanced Startup Options, you can also launch the Command Prompt to execute commands on your own when troubleshooting.

Suppose the (startup) problem was caused by Windows updates. In that case, you can also remove the Windows update(s) via the Advanced Startup Options.

Suppose nothing else helps, or you don’t have the time or inclination to resolve it manually. You can use the Advanced Startup Options to run System Restore or restore Windows 11 using an installation copy from an external location such as CD/DVD, USB, or network location.

This set of utilities is on your computer’s hard drive and on the Windows installation disk.

Only how do you now boot the PC to the Advanced boot options? This article will read 4 ways to boot the PC to these utilities.

How to boot Windows 11 to Advanced Boot Options

The first way to boot to the Advanced Startup Options is through Windows 11. You still need to have access to Windows 11 to do this.

Windows 11 advanced startup options through settings

Right-click on the Start button. Click Settings in the menu. Then click on System on the left and “Recovery” at the bottom. Now click on the “Restart Now” button next to the “Advanced Startup”.

Advanced startup in Windows 11 settings - restart now

You will see the following message:

“If you have unsaved work, make sure to save it before continuing. After restarting, we’ll show a screen where you can change your startup settings.”

Click the “Restart Now” button to proceed to the Advanced Startup Options.

Advanced Startup options notice

You will now see the Advanced Boot Options, where you can choose from “Continue to Windows 11”, “Use a Device”, “Troubleshoot” or “Turn Off your PC”.

Advanced startup in Windows 11

Windows 11 advanced boot options via the F11 function key

Most computers have function keys such as the “F11” key. For example, in most computers, the F11 key gives access to the advanced boot options if you click on it before Windows 11 starts.

Windows 11 advanced boot options via the SHIFT key

Hold down the SHIFT key and click the power button on the Start menu. Next, click on “Restart” in the menu while still holding down the SHIFT key. The PC will now boot through to the advanced boot options.

SHIFT key to boot to advanced startup options in Windows 11

Windows 11 advanced boot options via Automatic repair

If you cannot get into Windows 11 and want to start the advanced boot options, then boot the computer. While Windows 11 is loading, press the computer off using the physical power button on your computer. Do this 3 times.

On the 3rd time, Windows will automatically start repairing.

Automatic repair windows 11

From the automatic repairing, you can go to the advanced boot options.

Advanced options in automatic repair windows 11

These were 4 ways to boot the PC to the advanced boot options to troubleshoot Windows 11. Thanks for reading!

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