7 ways to Turn off Windows updates on a Windows 11 PC

Windows updates are essential. A Windows update provides new functionality and bugs fix in software and makes Windows faster.

A Windows update is offered by Microsoft automatically. The update process in Windows downloads the update and installs it either automatically or at the desired time.

If you do not want to receive Windows updates, you can block the updates for Windows. You can pause the updates in Windows, but you can also install a policy in Windows to stop the updates from running.

In this “how to guide”, I offer you 7 ways to block or disable automatic Windows updates in Windows 11.

7 ways to Turn off Windows updates on a Windows 11 PC

Pause Windows 11 updates by one week

If you are someone who first wants to know what updates will be installed, then it can be helpful to delay Windows updates by one week. You can then check in advance what updates are being installed and what these updates are for.

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu.

On the left side of the menu, click Windows update. Then click on the Pause Updates button.

Pause Windows 11 updates for 1 week

Stop Windows update service

If you want to prevent installing updates, you can stop the Windows update service.

Right-click on the start button. Click on Run from the menu. In the Run window type:


In the Services, double click on “Windows update”. Next, change the startup type to “Disabled” and click Stop. Then click on OK.

Stop and disable Windows update service

Manage Windows updates via Local Group Policy

The group policy editor is helpful for Windows 11 computers in a work environment. You can set a policy on how to handle Windows updates. The group policy editor is only available for Professional, Enterprise, and Education Windows 11 licenses.

Right-click on the Start button. Click run. In the Run window type:


Open the following structure on the left:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Update > Manage End User Experience.

Double-click Configure automatic updates.

Configure automatic updates using Group policy editor in Windows 11

To disable automatic updates via group policy altogether, check the option: disabled. You will no longer receive updates.

Disable automatic updates using GPO

To configure automatic updates through group policy, click Enabled. You have several options. You can select these options by clicking on the bar under options.

2 – Report download and install automatically.
3 – Report automatic download and install.
4 – Schedule automatic download and install.
5 – Local administrators can choose the settings.
7 – Notify automatic download, Install, Reboot.

For each option, you can specify it further. This is customizable to what is needed for your computer/organization. Finally, click on Apply to finish.

Disable Windows updates through the registry

You can also use the registry in Windows 11 to determine what should happen with Windows updates. For example, you can add a key in the Windows registry to block Windows updates. The updates will still be downloaded via Windows Update, but will no longer be installed.

Right-click on the Start button. Click Run from the menu. In the Run window type:


In the top bar, copy and paste the following line. This will take you to the key.


Click on “Windows” with the right mouse button. Next, click on New and then Key. Give this key the name “WindowsUpdate”.

Sometimes this key already exists go ahead.

Right-click on “WindowsUpdate” and choose New and then Key. Give this key the name “AU”.

Sometimes this key also already exists go ahead.

In the free space on the right side, click in the folder “AU” and click New and then DWORD (32-bit) value.

Name this DWORD value “NoAutoUpdate” change the value to “1”.

NoAutoUpdate registry key to block automatic updates in Windows 11 using the registry editor

You have now blocked the installation of Windows updates through the Windows registry.

Block Windows updates via metered connection

Suppose in Windows 11 you mark the internet connection as one with a data limit. In that case, Windows will not download and install updates. So as long as this data limit is activated, you will not receive updates.

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu.

Click Network & Internet on the left side of the menu. Then click on your active connection. This can be an Ethernet (via cable) or a Wi-Fi connection.

Check the option: Metered connection

Some apps may work differently to reduce data consumption when connected to the Internet. This also applies to Windows updates. You will no longer receive them when the data limit is enabled.

If you set the data limit, remember that you will have to disable this option if you want to receive updates again.

Enable metered connection in Windows 11 to temporary block Windows updates

Windows Update MiniTool

Windows Update Minitool is a tool to manage Windows updates. It allows you to check for updates, download updates, install updates, remove updates and hide updates. It works as an advanced tool to gain more control over the Windows update process. Windows update Minitool uses Windows update itself and thus does not download these updates from an alternative server.

In addition to being used to manage Windows 11 updates, Windows update Minitool can also download and block drivers and updates for peripheral devices.

Download Windows update Minitool.

Disable automatic windows updates using Windows update minitool

Disable Windows updates with the Windows update blocker tool

Suppose the only goal is to disable Windows updates so that you no longer receive Windows updates. In that case, you can use a Windows update blocker. This tool offers two options enabling or disabling Windows 11 updates.

Windows update blocker is helpful for people who are non-technical and prefer to enable or disable the updates through an app.

Download Windows update blocker.

Click “Enable updates” to receive Windows 11 updates or click “Disable updates” to stop receiving Windows 11 updates. No installation is required for this app.

Windows update blocker tool

I hope this has helped you. Thank you for reading!

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