How to add a mute button in a Google Chrome tab?

In Google Chrome, the experimental features allow you to activate a feature that adds a mute button to the active tab.

You know the drill, you open a website, and suddenly audio starts playing. Unfortunately, it is often guessed which tab is playing audio if you have multiple tabs open.

To identify the tab playing audio, you will immediately see an audio icon in the tab. Usually, when you click on this icon, nothing happens.

By changing the action of this icon, this audio icon becomes a mute button. So you can immediately, by clicking on this new mute button, mute the sound in the tab that is playing sound. Here’s how to add this mute button to a tab in the Google Chrome browser.

How to add a mute button in the Google Chrome tab

Adding the mute button to a tab in Google Chrome works for Windows 10, Windows 11, macOS, and Linux.

Open the Google Chrome hidden settings (“flags”) to get started. In the address bar type: chrome://flags/

Open Google Chrome flags settings

Look for the “Tab audio muting UI control” flag and change it to “Enabled”. Then click “Relaunch” to restart Google Chrome.

Tab audio muting UI control

In the future, if you go to a website that has audio playing on it and you want to directly mute this audio from this active tab, click on the mute button as visible in the sample image below.

Mute button in Google Chrome tab playing audio

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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