All my articles related to the Mac OS X by Apple operating system.

Everything you need to know about CleanMyMac X in 2022!

CleanMyMac X from MacPaw replaces hundreds of optimizations for macOS with a wide range of tools, from a performance monitor and malware remover to a tool to clean up macOS every so often. In the process, CleanMyMac X helps protect your Mac from viruses.

Mac not detecting hard drive? Find the solution here!

An external hard drive is helpful if you want to store large files from your Mac. In addition, using an external hard drive allows you to store much more data, mainly if your Mac is limited by its built-in hard drive.

How to enable ROOT and run apps as ROOT account in macOS

In macOS, certain parts of the file system are not available by default, even if you are the administrator. But if you use the root user on your Mac, you get to read and write rights to the entire file system.

Mac won’t boot or won’t start up? Try these 8 tips!

Do you have a problem with your Mac not booting up? This is a problem with many older Mac models. The reason behind why a Mac won’t boot or start up is often hard to figure out because there is no information coming up on display, why a Mac won’t boot.

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