How to change clock format notation and formats in Windows 11

If Windows 11 displays the wrong time or date notation, which is very annoying. If you are using Windows 11, the time notation is displayed in the 24-hour military notation by default.

If you would prefer to see the 12 hour time notation, that is also possible. There are many different adjustments you can make to the formats. For example, you can change the time notation, the long and short notation, and the date format.

You can always find the notation on the taskbar on the right side. If you use an app, make sure that the time or date notation is adjusted. The default time notation or date format is not always adopted in an individual app.

How to change clock format notation in Windows 11

How to change time format notation in Windows 11

Right-click the Start button. Click Settings in the menu. On the left, click Time & Language. Next, click through Language & Region and click on Administrative Language Settings.

Click on the Formats tab and change Notation to the specific country whose time notation you want to see. If you wish to adjust the time in the lower right corner, change the “Short Time” notation” to the notation of your choice.

You also choose the notation settings to change the date notation, the long time notation, and the first day of the week. You will immediately see examples of how the notations will look at the very bottom.

Change language and time format in Windows 11

Then click the “Additional Settings” button to customize the layouts.

How to change other formats in Windows 11

Here you can customize decimals, number grouping symbols, and language-specific numbers. By navigating at the top of the tabs, you can still adjust the default currency sign, adjust the decimal sign and adjust the number of decimal places.

Customise format settings in Windows 11

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