How to change Power button actions in Windows 11

When you press the power button on your computer or laptop, Windows 11 initiates an action.

This can be various actions such as doing nothing, turning off the display, turning off the computer or laptop, or putting the computer or laptop to sleep.

Therefore, it is possible in Windows 11 to change the action of the power button. This gives you control over what should happen when you press the power button on your computer.

To change the action, you must be logged on as an administrator. You can then change the action of the power button through the Control Panel. Here’s how it works.

How to change the action of the power button on your computer in Windows 11

To begin, open the Control Panel. Then click on “Hardware and Sounds” in Control Panel. Ensure the “Display by” setting in the upper right corner is set to “Category”.

Hardware and sound settings in Windows 11

In the “Power Options” settings, click “Change what the power buttons do.”

Change what the power buttons do in Windows 11

You can adjust two settings here: “When I press the power button” and “When I press the sleep button”. Both of these you can change for the “On battery” and “Plugged in” profiles.

You can then change the actions to “Do nothing”, “Sleep”, “Shut down”, or “Turn off the display”.

Power and sleep button settings

Alternatively, you can change these options in the active power management scheme.

Click “Power Options” in the Control Panel. Click on the active power plan and the “Change plan settings” link.

Change plan settings

Then click the “Change advanced power settings” link again.

Change advanced power settings

You can then adjust the power buttons and lid settings in the power scheme as desired. You can adjust the setting when the laptop/computer is connected to the battery or AC power.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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