How to Change the Mouse Cursor Speed in Windows 11

A mouse is an essential part of a desktop PC. A mouse allows you to click, move and edit items in Windows 11.

Because the mouse is so important, it is also important to customize it to your liking. Configuring a mouse in Windows 11 is essential to working with it properly.

It is essential to set the correct mouse speed to configure it correctly. If you set the correct mouse speed, you will be able to handle the mouse better, make fewer mistakes, and work more efficiently.

This article will tell you how to adjust the mouse cursor speed to your liking in Windows 11.

How to Change the Mouse Cursor Speed in Windows 11

To modify the speed of the mouse cursor, you need to open the Settings in Windows 11. First, click with the right mouse button on the Start button. In the menu click on Settings.

On the left, click on “Bluetooth & devices”. Next click on Mouse.

Here you can change the mouse pointer speed by adjusting the slider to your liking.

Mouse cursor speed settings in Windows 11

You can also change the scrolling speed of the mouse by adjusting the “Lines to scroll at a time” to your linking.

This is how to effectively change the mouse pointer speed in Windows 11 using the Settings.

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