How to download faster using the Google Chrome browser

Are you suffering from slow download speed via the Google Chrome browser? Unfortunately, you are not the only one.

The good news is that if you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge based on Chromium, you can easily increase the download speed using an experimental feature called parallel downloading.

What is parallel downloading

Parallel downloading is an experimental feature in Chrome and Edge that helps speed up the download speed. When you download a large file, the parallel download enabled browser divides the large file into small packets and downloads these small packets simultaneously. This will increase the download speed.

The parallel download feature is currently still in beta (test) status, and you need to enable it manually. You can do this through the hidden settings in Google Chrome. Here’s how it works!

How to download faster using Google Chrome

Open the Google Chrome browser. In the address bar, type: chrome://flags

The hidden settings in Chrome will open. These are the flags settings which means they are experimental settings and features that may later be included in the official and public version of Google Chrome.

In the search bar type: parallel downloading

Then enable parallel downloading by changing the “Default” setting to “Enabled.”

Parallel downloading works in Google Chrome for Mac, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android. You can enable this feature on all these operating systems through the experimental options.

Enable parallel downloading to increase download speed in Google Chrome

I hope your download speed in Chrome is increased. Thank you for reading!

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