Enable/Disable “Optimization for windowed games” in Windows 11

Lag is often a problem in games with a window, so not full screen. The game on the screen often does not run smoothly, and a game can then not be played optimally.

Microsoft has added a new feature called “Optimization for windowed games” in Windows 11 Insider build version 22545 and above to avoid this.

Optimizations for windowed games works by upgrading the old presentation model used by a game to a modern one. Games that already use DirectX 12 need not worry. These games already benefit from the new performance model. Read more about these presentation models.

Optimizations for games in windows significantly improve latency and unlock other enhanced gaming features, including Auto HDR and Dynamic Refresh Rate.

Enable or disable “Optimization for windowed games” in Windows 11

To enable this new feature, first open Settings. Next, click the Start button and click Settings.

Then click on System on the left and then on Display.

Display settings in Windows 11

Navigate down a bit until you get to “Related Settings”. Next, click on “Graphics.”

Graphics settings in Windows 11

Then click on the “Change default graphics settings” link.

Change default graphics settings

Then turn on or off the “Optimization for windowed games” feature.

Reduce latency and use advanced features in compatible games by using the flip performance model. You’ll need to restart your game for changes to take effect”.

Enable optimizations for windowed games in Windows 11

This is a feature carried over from Insider build 22545 and above. However, it is not clear if this feature will also become available in official Windows 11 versions.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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