Enable or disable automatic opening of USB in Windows 11

When you connect a USB flash drive or other devices to your Windows 11 computer, Windows 11 will automatically play or open the content.

It is not always desirable to automatically open or play content on a USB device. In Windows 11, you can, therefore, also manage whether the content on the USB device should be opened automatically or not.

By default, data on a USB device is opened directly by Windows 11 when connected to the PC. However, suppose you want to change the automatic playback or open data on a USB or other device for security or other reasons. In that case, you can read how to do this in this article.

Enable or disable automatic opening of USB in Windows 11

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu. On the left, click on Bluetooth & Devices.

Navigate down a bit until you reach “AutoPlay”. Here you will find the default settings for removable drives and memory cards. Click on them to open.

Open AutoPlay settings in Windows 11

To enable or disable automatic playback or opening a USB device, change the power switch to the desired option.

Enable or disable usb autoplay in Windows 11

You can further set two default auto-play settings. One allows you to select an action when opening a removable drive (USB, for example).

You can choose to open the storage settings when inserting a removal drive, Configure storage settings, take no action, open folder and view files in File Explorer or ask me every time.

Insert removal drive settings in Windows 11

You can also set the same when opening an inserted memory card in your computer. You have the following actions to choose from here.

You can open the Photos app, open and play media using Windows Media Player, take no action, open the folder in File explorer or ask me every time.

Insert settings for memory card in Windows 11

I hope this has helped you adjust the auto-play settings to your liking. Thanks for reading!

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