How to enable or disable File and Printer Sharing in Windows 11

File and printer sharing is a default feature in Windows 11 that allows Windows computers to share files, folders, and printers with other computers on a computer network.

Suppose you enable file and printer sharing in Windows 11. In that case, other connected devices on the same network can find and connect to your shared devices.

File and printer sharing are closely integrated with device sharing through network discovery.

Several features are available when you enable file and printer sharing.

The first is file sharing. This allows users to share files and folders and make them available for other devices on a computer network to view, copy or modify.

Printer sharing also becomes available. Allows users to share connected printers across the network and make them available to other devices to view and print documents.

Multiple network profiles are created in Windows 11, a private or a public network profile. As a result, users can enable file and printer sharing for each profile separately.

How to enable file and printer sharing in Windows 11

To enable file and printer sharing, you must first have to open the Control Panel.

Open Control panel in Windows 11

In Control Panel, click on “Network and Internet”.

Network and internet settings

Then click on “Network and sharing centre”.

Network and sharing centre settings

Then click on “Change advanced sharing settings” in the top left corner.

Change advanced sharing settings

Open the current network profile and change the “File and printer sharing” settings to “Turn on file and printer sharing” or “Turn off file and printer sharing”. Depending on your network profile and choice.

Turn on or off file and printer sharing in Windows 11

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