How to enable or disable “Live Captions” in Windows 11

A new feature called “Live Captions” is available in Windows 11 for Windows insider build 2257 users. This new version of Windows 11 is slowly being rolled out via Windows update to everyone.

Live captions create subtitles of any audio file played on the computer. The subtitles are then displayed in different places. For example, the subtitles are displayed at the bottom, on a floating screen, or at the top.

When writing this article, subtitles in Windows 11 are only available to US Windows 11 users. However, the “Live captions” function is expected to be rolled out to multiple supported languages.

If you want to enable “live captions” you can do so with the Windows key + CTRL + L key combination. Also, the feature is available in the Quick Settings menu on the right next to the time and date in the Accessibility settings.

How to enable or disable Live Captions in Windows 11

When you want to enable live captions in Windows 11, you can use Settings. First, click with a right-mouse click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu. On the left, click on Accessibility. In the Hearing section, click on Captions.

Open live captions in Windows 11

Next, enable “Live captions” by switching the switch to “on”.

Live Captions enable and settings

After you enabled Live captions, you are prompted to download additional files. Click the download button to agree and download additional files to enable live captions.

When finished downloading the live captions are automatically set up on your computer.

Download live captions

If you want to change the caption style you can select a predefined style in the live captions settings. Click on caption style and select the preferred style from the list.

Change caption style

When you click the Edit button you can customize the Live captions even more. You can add your own font, font text color, font size, background color, window color, window opacity, and effects.

If you styled the live captions to your liking you can save the custom style.

Change live captions style

If you have enabled and styled the live captions you will see a bar on top of your screen. Click the wrench icon to change the bar position, caption options, and add caption styles.

Change caption posititions

I hope this guide has helped you enable, disable and manage live captions in Windows 11.

Thank you for reading!

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