How to enable or disable Network discovery in Windows 11

Network discovery is a feature in Windows that allows Windows devices to find and discover other computers and devices on a network.

Network detection is a setting that helps determine whether other computers and devices on the network are visible to your computer.
It also helps to make your computer visible for other devices on the same network.

There are several statuses for Network discovery. If the status is enabled, your computer can be found on the network and see and connect to other devices.

If the network discovery status is off, your computer cannot connect to other devices on the network. Of course, your computer cannot be found or detect other devices either.

Windows 11 creates a separate network profile for each active network. Users can enable or disable network discovery separately for each private or public network profile.

How to enable or disable network discovery in Windows 11

To enable or disable network discovery, you must first open Control Panel.

Open Control panel in Windows 11

In Control Panel, click on “Network and Internet”.

Network and internet settings

Then click on “Network and sharing centre”.

Network and sharing centre settings

Then click on “Change advanced sharing settings” in the top left corner.

Change advanced sharing settings

Open the current network profile and change the “Network discovery” settings to “Turn on Network discovery” or “Turn off Network discovery. Depending on your network profile and choice.

Turn on or turn off network discovery in Windows 11

Then click on “Save Changes” at the bottom. You have now modified network discovery settings in Windows 11.

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