How to enable or disable System Protection settings in Windows 11

Windows has a System Protection feature that allows it to create restore points so that your computer can be restored to a previous state to fix potential problems.

When a drive is added to System Protection, Windows creates restore points so you can revert unnecessary changes or go back to a previous state in good health

Any drive on a Windows computer can be added to or removed from System Protection. Windows uses a restore point to return to a working state with the data from a restore point when a drive is added. Recovery points can also be deleted to free up disk space on systems with limited storage.

Windows will clean up old restore points to create new ones. The space set aside for restore points is allocated based on the size of the hard drive and the version of Windows being used.

If you do not have a backup plan, system protection for hard drives can be considered and used.

How to enable or disable System Protection in Windows 11

System protection for hard drives allows Windows to create restore points so the system can be restored. Not all disk drives are automatically included in Windows System Protection. The following shows how to enable system protection for a disk drive in Windows 11.

Right-click the Start button. Click Settings on the menu. On the left, click System. Then at the very bottom, click About.

After that, click the link: System protection under the related links.

Open system protection settings in Windows 11

After that, click on the Configure button in the System protection tab.

Configure system protection settings in Windows 11

Click on “Turn on system protection” or “Disable system protection” to alter the system protection settings to your choice.

Turn on System protection or Turn off system protection in Windows 11

If you choose to turn on system protection, you can use the slider to determine how much disk space the system protection can take up on your computer. When the disk becomes full, old restore points are automatically deleted. In addition, you can delete all restore points yourself by clicking on the delete button at the bottom right.

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