How to Turn On or Turn Off game mode on a Windows 11 PC

Game Mode is a special mode in Windows 11 that helps optimize Windows 11 when playing computer games.

Enabling game mode optimizes the computer for computer games by prioritizing the processes used by the game. This results in a better frame rate in the game. Also, Windows 11 prevents Windows update restart notifications from being displayed in the background and Windows update drivers from being installed.

If you have not already customized game mode, the game mode is enabled by default. However, if a game is played, Windows 11 will detect this, and the above optimizations will be applied.

There are also disadvantages to using game mode. For example, game mode is not suitable for high-end computers. This means that if a computer is equipped with hardware suitable for gaming, game mode in Windows 11 will have little effect. In addition, when game mode is activated no updates are installed. Finally, users reported that when video editing is performed on the PC, that game mode may cause the screen to flicker.

How to Turn On or Turn Off gaming mode on a Windows 11 PC

It is easy to enable or disable game mode on a Windows 11 PC. First, click on the Start button. Then click on Settings.

On the left side, click “Gaming” and then “Game Mode”.

game mode settings in Windows 11

To enable game mode click on the “Game Mode” option and change the option to “on”. To disable game mode, click on the “Game Mode” option and change it to “off”.

turn on or off game mode on a Windows 11 PC

Read more about game mode here. I hope to have helped you with this. Thank you for reading!

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