How do I find the Bluetooth version of my PC?

Turning Bluetooth on or off allows you to troubleshoot Bluetooth problems.

In some cases, you need to know what Bluetooth version is on your computer. This can help you understand whether devices can communicate with each via Bluetooth or you need to replace the chip with a dongle.

If the devices that connect to, say, your new smartphone also support the latest Bluetooth standard, there will be more efficiency, better performance, and probably less interference.

So knowing the Bluetooth version of your device connected to your computer can help troubleshoot.

What Bluetooth version do I have in Windows 10 or Windows 11?

In both Windows 10 and Windows 11. First, open the Device Manager by right-clicking on the Start button and clicking Device Manager in the menu.

When Device Manager is open, then click on the Bluetooth options and then click on the installed Bluetooth device.

The name of this device may vary as it may be a chip in your computer or a dongle. Double click on the device to open its properties.

Bluetooth adapter settings

Click on the Advanced tab to find out the “Firmware version”. We can use the “Firmware” number to look up a Bluetooth version.

Bluetooth version number

You will see in the above example firmware version “LMP 6.0”, please remember this firmware version.

On the Microsoft site, we can use a table to look up which Bluetooth version this is.

If we look up “LMP 6.0” in the table below, we see “Bluetooth Core Specification 4.0”. That means Bluetooth version 4.0.

Link Manager Protocol Version (LMP) Bluetooth Core Specification 
LMP 0 Bluetooth Core Specification 1.0b (withdrawn)
LMP 1 Bluetooth Core Specification 1.1 (withdrawn)
LMP 2 Bluetooth Core Specification 1.2 (withdrawn)
LMP 3 Bluetooth Core Specification 2.0 + EDR (withdrawn)
LMP 4 Bluetooth Core Specification 2.1 + EDR (deprecated, to be withdrawn)
LMP 5 Bluetooth Core Specification 3.0 + HS (deprecated, to be withdrawn)
LMP 6 Bluetooth Core Specification 4.0
LMP 7 Bluetooth Core Specification 4.1
LMP 8 Bluetooth Core Specification 4.2
LMP 9 Bluetooth Core Specification 5.0
LMP 10 Bluetooth Core Specification 5.1
LMP 11 Bluetooth Core Specification 5.2

I hope this has helped you identify which Bluetooth version your Bluetooth device supports through your computer. Thank you for reading!

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