How to Automatically Connect to the Best Wifi access point

Any laptop or PC with a wireless network card can connect to a WiFi network. The WiFi network is a wireless network connection that provides access to an internal network or the Internet.

Suppose you use a wireless network connection via WiFi. In that case, you want your laptop or PC to choose the best and, therefore, the fastest connection. In this way, you will get the most out of the wireless connection.

In Windows 11, the best WiFi network to connect to is not selected by default; you need to select a network yourself, connect to it, and make the connection automatically.

You can configure the wireless network adapter in Windows to keep searching for the best hotspot to connect to. You can configure this through the network settings in Windows and through a unique adjustment in the advanced options in the wireless network adapter settings.

How to Automatically Connect to the Best Wifi access point

If you have connected and want your laptop or PC to automatically connect to the connected WiFi network again next time, follow the steps below.

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on Run. In the Run window type: control.

This will open the Control Panel.

Open control panel in Windows 11

Change the “view by” settings of Control Panel view to “Category”. Then click on “Network and Internet”.

Network and internet settings

Next, click on “Network and Sharing center”

Network and sharing center

On the left menu, click “Change Adapter Settings”.

Change adapter settings

Right-click on the active WiFi connection. Make sure it is connected to the WiFi network. Then, in the menu, click “Status.”

Open Status of the WiFi connection

In the WiFi status, click on “Wireless Properties”.

Open Wireless properties

If this is the WiFi network that you want to automatically connect to every time this wireless network is in range, enable the “Connect automatically when this network is in range” option.

To continue searching for other wireless networks already connected, enable the “Look for other wireless networks while connected to this network” option. Click OK to confirm.

Connect automatically when this network is in range

You can extend the settings for WiFi even further by adjusting a setting in the advanced wireless network adapter. This is the “Roaming aggressiveness” setting.

This setting changes the signal strength threshold where the WiFi adapter begins searching for another access point(s). You will find this setting under the advanced adapter settings. The default value is Average. Depending on the environment, one option may work better than another.

You can try other values to see which works best for your environment. However, I recommend returning to the default value (Medium) if you do not see improvement with other values.

Go back to the “Network Connections” to see the wireless network adapter. Right-click on it and click on Properties from the menu.

Click on “Client for Microsoft Networks” and then the “Configure” button.

Client for Microsoft Networks properties

Click on “Advanced” tab and click on “Roaming aggressiveness”. Change the “value” to “5. Highest” and click OK to confirm. Restart your computer.

Your laptop or PC will now automatically connect to the strength WiFi access point. Choose “3. Medium” to restore the default setting if you don’t like the above setting.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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