How to change accent colors on the Windows 10 taskbar?

If you want to set a different color on the taskbar for a change because you like it or have visual limitations, this is possible.

In Windows 10, you can choose an accent color and set this accent color for the taskbar and other Windows 10 components. For example, the Start button, Action Center, window borders, and title bars.

There are many accent colors to choose from. The light and dark colors are applied by default, but you can also set your own color through the color panel.

To customize the taskbar color in Windows 10, you need to make adjustments in the Windows settings. No app is needed to modify the taskbar color.

This article will learn you how to change the taskbar color.

How to change accent colors on the Windows 10 taskbar

Right-click on the Start button and then click Settings in the menu.

Open Windows 10 Settings

In Settings, click on “Personalization”.

Personalization settings in Windows 10

In the “Personalization” settings, click on “Colors” in the left menu.

Colors settings in Windows 10

You can now choose a background color. This is the color applied to the current theme in Windows 10. There are three different options you can choose from.

The first background color is “Light” this is the default background color. Then there is “Dark” and “Custom”.

To change the taskbar color to a different color than “Light” or “Dark” select “Custom”.

Choose your color

Changing the taskbar color only works if the “Default Mode for Windows” is set to “Dark”.

Change default Windows mode to Dark

Next, change the “Transparency Effects” option to “On” or “Off”. Depending on what you want. If you prefer a clear “solid” color on the taskbar, switch the “Transparency Effects” to “Off”.

Then click on the desired color in the “Windows Colors” panel. If you prefer to set a color yourself, click “Custom color”.

Then to change the color of the taskbar to the set color, enable the option “Show accent color on the following surfaces” to “Start, taskbar and action center”.

You can also apply the color to “Title bars and window borders” in Windows 10.

Change Windows 10 taskbar color

Below you can see the result. The color of the taskbar has now been changed.

Windows 10 taskbar color is changed succesfully

I hope to have helped you with this guide. Thank you for reading!

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