How to change the administrator e-mail in Windows 11 (Guide)

If you are logged into Windows 11 with a Microsoft account, you have used an email address to sign in. The logged-on user with a Microsoft account is an administrator by default if not set otherwise.

Suppose, for some reason, you no longer have access to the email address of the Microsoft account that is logged in to Windows 11. In that case, you can change this email address in Windows 11 for the admin.

You will then first replace the Microsoft account with a local account, and then you can sign in again with a new email address. In this way, you can change the administrator’s email in Windows 11. The user account and all the personal data will be preserved.

So you must be signed in with the old Microsoft account, whose email address you want to change in Windows 11.

Please read through the entire article before performing it to get an idea of what you will actually be performing. If possible, create a full Windows 11 system backup on external media first.

How to change the administrator e-mail in Windows 11?

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on Settings. Then, click Accounts first and then Your Info on the left side.

Your account information in Windows 11

To be able to sign in again to this computer with a new Microsoft account email address, you must first change your current Microsoft account to a local account.

Click on the “Sign in with a local account instead” link.

Sign in with a local account instead

You will now see “Are you sure you want to switch to a local account?”. Read the message carefully and click next if you agree.

Are you sure you want to switch to a local account

You will need to have your identity verified. You can do this by entering the PIN or password of the current Microsoft account user.

If you do not remember the PIN, you can also use the Microsoft account password. To do this, click on more choices and select the Microsoft account.

Verify your identity

Now you can enter the new account data for the local account you will create. First, you enter a username, then twice the password, and optionally a password hint for the password.

Click on next when you are done. Make a good note of these details. We will need them later to log you into Windows 11.

Enter your local account information to sign-in to Windows 11

You will now log out of your Microsoft account and log in again with the local user. We will replace this local user with the new Microsoft account later.

Click Sign out and finish.

Switch to a local account

Now sign in with the local account. You can either use the old PIN or the password we just set for the local user by clicking on the login options.

Sign in with the new local account

Once you are logged in, then right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on Settings. Then, click on Accounts and then click on Your Info on the left side.

Now you can log back into Windows 11 by entering a Microsoft account. So this way, you can switch Microsoft accounts as administrator and still keep your profile in Windows 11.

Click on the link “Sign in with a Microsoft account instead” in the account settings.

Sign in with a Microsoft account instead

You can now sign in to Windows 11 with the new Microsoft account email address. If you need to create another one, click “create one” and follow the steps.

The local user account you created will now be replaced again with the Microsoft account email you will now sign in with.

Sign in with the Microsoft account to replace old e-mail from administrator in Windows 11

This way, you will keep all profile settings and data on this PC. In addition, you will have changed the email address (Microsoft account) from the administrator.

I hope it all worked out for you. Thank you for reading!

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