How to create a Roblox Autoclicker or free download

If you play Roblox a lot, you do one thing a lot: clicking. Clicking with the mouse is part of Roblox. Roblox game developers try to make you win prizes and spend time in the game in these ways.

You can, of course, pay in Robux to activate an autoclicker in the game. Still, it is possible to create an automatic clicker yourself. You can then activate this autoclicker and not bother with clicking yourself anymore.

In this article, you can read how to make an autoclicker for Roblox or where you can download one.

How to create a Roblox Autoclicker or free download

To make an autoclicker you need an app that can run a script. This is the AutoHotKey app. AutoHotKey helps create a script that can be used in the background to automatically click.

Create an Autoclicker for Roblox with AutoHotKey

Start by downloading AutoHotKey and installing it on your PC.

After installation, create a new folder and right-click in the folder. In the menu click on New and then on “AutoHotKey script”.

New AutoHotKey Script

Give the script a clear name, for example, “Autoclicker Roblox”. Then, right-click on it and click “Open with” and then “Choose another app”.

Open Autoclicker script with

In the list of apps click “more apps” and then “Notepad”.

Open auto clicker script with Notepad

Copy and paste the code below into Notepad. I will explain later how this script works. Make sure there are new lines in the script, not all behind each other.

#MaxThreadsPerHotkey, 2
SetDefaultMouseSpeed, 0
SetBatchLines, -1
ListLines, Off

While GetKeyState("Tab", "P"){
Drag 10 ; milliseconds

Autoclicker script

Then click “File” in the menu and “Save As”.

Change “Save As” to “All Files (*.*)” and click Save. Overwrite the already existing file.

Save auto clicker script

Now that you have saved the file it is time to explain how the script works.

To open the autoclicker script we just created, double-click on it. You will see no further output the script has been executed and AutoHotKey is located in the system tray, to the left of the time and date.

Open Roblox and then press the TAB key on your keyboard to start the automatic clicking.

Each time you press and hold the TAB key, the script clicks. Release the TAB key and it stops again. Every 10 milliseconds a click is executed. To adjust the time if necessary, change the line in the script:

Sleep 10 ; milliseconds

to the desired time between clicks.

Right-click in the system tray on the AutoHotKey app and click “Exit” to exit the app.

Exit auto clicker script for Roblox

You have now created your own autoclicker script for Roblox.

Download Autoclicker for Roblox

There are existing apps you can use to autoclicker in Roblox. For example, an “AutoClicker pro” app is available in the Microsoft Store.

There is also a free autoclicker app called “OP Auto Clicker” or “TinyTask“.

Download Roblox autoclicker app

I hope this has helped you make or download an AutoClicker for Roblox. Thanks for reading!

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