How to Customize background settings in Windows 11

You can change the background in Windows 11, as in previous versions. Changing the background helps to give a personal touch to Windows 11.

After installing Windows 11, a default Microsoft background is displayed. You can customize this background to your liking. For example, you can choose from a specific theme with fixed background, an picture as background, solid color as a background, or a slideshow with images.

This article will tell you how to customize the background in Windows 11 to your liking.

How to Customize background settings in Windows 11

To customize the background, you need to open the settings. Right-click on the Start button. Then click on Settings in the menu.

In the left menu, click on “Personalisation” and then click on “Background” in the right section.

Background settings in Windows 11

You can customize the background in Windows 11 to your personal preference. For example, there are three different background options you can choose from. You can choose from Picture, Solid color, and Slideshow.

Personalise background in Windows 11


If you have selected the background image, you can choose from a range of standard “recent images”. These are images that have been used by Windows 11 recently. By clicking on this recent image, you immediately set this image as the new background.

To set a picture as the background yourself, click on the “Browse photos” button next to “Choose a photo”.

Browse a photo

The image folder will open, and you will be able to set your own image as the background in Windows 11. You can then customize the image to fit your desktop by choosing one of the following options: fill, spread, side by side, or across multiple screens.

You can also select “Customize” to add extra color to the photo background.

Solid color

If you prefer not to use an image as a background, you can also choose from a range of solid colors. The entire Windows 11 desktop background will be filled with this solid color.

There are standard solid colors to choose from. However, by clicking on the “View colours” button, you can select a color, add it and set it as your desktop background.

Choose a background color


Finally, there is the slideshow background. This is a background with several images displayed one by one as desktop background after a time interval.

First, you need to select a folder with all the images or photos. Then you can specify every how many minutes, hours, or days this slide show should change images. If you want to randomize the order of the images, you can turn this option on.

A slide show consumes quite a bit of battery power. If the laptop is not connected to the power supply, you can still display the slide show as the background. However, this will only happen if you enable this option.

Additionally, you can customize the images in the slideshow. For example, you can customize the size of the images in the slideshow and change the background color to match the images in the slideshow.

Slideshow as background in Windows 11

Additionally, you can change the colors in Windows 11 or select a contrasting theme. I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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