How to debloat Windows 11 and customize Windows 11

Many settings and apps are available in Windows 11 that are not used by most users. Even though these settings or apps are not used, you often cannot modify or remove them through the settings either.

Removing unnecessary apps requires knowledge of programming code to be able to remove the apps. You can uninstall most apps, but this requires code such as PowerShell.

To make it easier for you to debloat Windows 11 and disable unnecessary settings and apps, a tool is available on GitHub. This app is called “Windows 11 Fixer” and helps you customize Windows 11 entirely to your liking.

How to debloat Windows 11 and customize Windows 11

Here are some examples of all you can customize in Windows 11 with “Windows 11 fixer”.

For starters, you can make various adjustments to the taskbar. For example, it is possible to align the taskbar to the left or move it up. You can also adjust the taskbar size to be too small, medium, or large with a single click.

On the taskbar, there is also a “widgets” button available. You can disable or re-enable this button with a single click. The same applies to the “Chat” button on the taskbar. Should you wish to disable the “language switcher” in the system tray, this can also be done with a single click.

Windows 11 fixer customize Windows 11

So there is no problematic code needed to make these changes in Windows 11.

A much-requested change in Windows 11 is the right-click menu. The right-click menu in Windows 11 has a new look. Some people prefer to see the Windows 10 right-click menu again and want to disable the new menu. This, too, can be done with “Windows 11 fixer” via a single click.

You can use “Windows 11 fixer” to adjust various Windows 11 components, such as the taskbar, right-click menu, file explorer, the start menu, and the file and folder options via a single click.

In addition to the Windows fixes, you can also adjust settings directly. It is possible to change notification settings, storage settings, clipboard settings, privacy and security settings, diagnostic and feedback, and app permissions.

Windows 11 fixer customize Windows settings

You have control via the “Windows 11 fixer” app over features and settings in Windows 11. You can remove apps by debloating Windows 11. Debloating means removing standard apps that you do not use with a single click in the app.

For example, you can debloat the following apps in Windows 11.

Camera, Alarms and clock, Cortana, get help, maps, Microsoft edge, photos, Xbox game bar, your phone, calculator, feedback hub, movies, and tv, media player (groove music), mail and calendar, Microsoft news, Microsoft solitaire, Microsoft teams, notepad, paint, power automate, snipping tool, sticky notes, voice recorder, weather, windows terminal, Xbox, Skype, OneNote, and mixed reality portal.

Uninstall Windows bloat apps easily

Finally, “Windows 11 fixer” offers you the possibility to install various useful apps in Windows 11 with a single click. Install Windows modification software like StartisBack, Start11, Fences 4, ElevenClock, ModernFlyouts, Files, and Microsoft PowerToys.

Also, various audio/video, office, messaging, streaming, coding, internet browsers, editing, gaming, and computer maintenance software apps can be installed with a single click.

Install usefull Windows 11 software using a single click

The “Windows 11 fixer” app is under constant development and is available via Github. The complete source code is viewable, and it is free to download. This tool is developed and maintained by “99natmar99” and can be downloaded here:

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