How to delete “Meet Now” icon in Windows 10 taskbar (2022)

To conduct video conferencing, Microsoft introduced “Meet Now,” in the falls update 20H2 in Oct. 2020. “Meet Now” is a part of Skype, and recently so is a part of Windows 10.

Microsoft has added the “Meet Now” icon to the Windows 10 taskbar. You can see this icon in the system tray, to the left of the time and date.

By adding “Meet Now” as an icon, Microsoft has tried to make it easier for users of the Windows 10 operating system to create meetings or participate in online meetings.

However, more and more people are apparently annoyed by this new “meet now” addition in Windows 10.

How to delete “Meet Now” icon in Windows 10 taskbar

Follow the steps below to hide “Now Meeting” for all Windows 10 users. This requires an adjustment in the Windows registry. It is recommended to create a Windows restore point first.

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on Run. In the Run window type: regedit.exe

In the registry editor. Open the following folder structure on the left:


Right-click in the right part of the registry editor and click New, and then “DWORD (32-bit) value“.

Name this value: HideSCAMeetNow and set the value to 1.

Now close the registry editor and restart the computer. The shortcut in the system tray to “Meet Now” is hidden.

If you want to display “Meet Now” in the taskbar again, change the HideSCAMeetNow value to 0.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading.

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