How to disable the Search button on the Windows 11 taskbar?

To make working with Windows 11 easier and significantly faster, Microsoft has added a search button on the taskbar. You will recognize the search button by the magnifying glass icon.

In Windows 10, a search box took up part of the taskbar. However, to emphasize the minimalist look Microsoft has in mind with Windows 11, the search box has been replaced with a magnifying glass in Windows 11.

Search button in the Windows 11 taskbar

If you don’t use search much, if at all, in Windows 11, then you may want to hide the search button.

You can customize the taskbar to your liking in Windows 11. You can also disable the search button. However, by disabling the search button, you are not disabling the search feature in Windows 11, so you only hide the icon.

how to hide the search button in the taskbar on a Windows 11 PC?

To hide the search button, right-click on the taskbar. Then, in the menu, click on taskbar settings.

Taskbar settings in Windows 11

In the taskbar items settings, change the “Search” setting to “Off” to hide the search button on the taskbar.

Turn off Search button in the taskbar settings on a Windows 11 PC

Below you can see the result.

Hide the taskbar button in Windows 11 taskbar

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