How to Enable Narrator using the Settings in Windows 11

The narrator is a built-in accessibility feature in Windows 11 that can read out text displayed on the screen, also known as “text to speech.”

No third-party tool is required to enable the narrator. For example, the narrator is a godsend for people with visual impairments. For example, the narrator can help you by reading an email aloud or naming every function, text, or button in Windows 11.

If you enable the narrator, you can add different voices. The default voice for the narrator is “Microsoft George” in English. Installing other voice voices like a woman or another language is also possible.

To further customize the narrator, you can also adjust the voice’s speed, pitch, and volume.

How to Enable Narrator using the Settings in Windows 11

Right-click on the Start button. Then click Settings in the menu. Next, click “Accessibility” on the left and then “Narrator” in the settings.

Narrator settings in Windows 11

Click on “Narrator” to enable the feature. You will then first see a notification that changes have been updated for the keyboard.

We have updated the narrator keyboard layout to better reflect your experiences with other screen readers.

If you want that narrator to tell you which commands belong to the keys you press, turn on input learning by pressing Caps lock + 1. Press Caps lock + 1 twice to disable this feature.

Press CTRL + Windows key + N to open the narrator settings and access the online user guide for more information.

Enable narrator in Windows 11

Click OK to exit this message.

If you use the narrator daily, you can start the narrator for login. It is also possible to start the narrator after login.

Under “Narrator’s voice” at the bottom, you can customize the narrator’s voice to your liking. You can select the voice, add a voice, and adjust the speed of the voice or the pitch. If you find the volume too high or too low, you can adjust this for the voice.

more narrator settings in windows 11

I hope I have helped you with this information. Thanks for reading!

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