How to Enable online speech recognition in Windows 11

There are two different speech features in Windows 11. The first is the standard speech recognition that uses speech in apps, voice commands, and dictation.

The second speech recognition is online speech recognition. If you enable the online speech recognition feature, your speech command is interpreted through the Cloud. This means that the speech is sent to Microsoft, analyzed there, and you can expect the best result. Speech is thus better understood, and voice commands also work more accurately.

How to Enable or Disable online speech recognition in Windows 11

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click Settings. In the settings, click on “Privacy and Security” on the left side.

In the “Windows permissions” setting, then click “Speech”.

Speech recognition settings in Windows 11

You will now open the online speech recognition for dictation and other voice interactions. Click the “On” button to turn online speech recognition on or off.

Enable or disable speech recognition in Windows 11

To make speech recognition even better, you can help improve speech recognition. Your daily use of online speech recognition apps can improve the accuracy of Microsoft’s online speech technology for anyone who speaks your language.

If you choose to contribute your speech clips, Microsoft employees and vendors monitor some of these clips. If you want this, click the “Start contributing my voice clips” button.

Speech clips are not linked to you. If Microsoft finds a clip with personal information, it will be deleted. Your speech clips are used only by Microsoft employees and vendors to improve Microsoft speech technology. Learn more about speech technology and how Microsoft uses it.

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