How to enable or disable Airplane mode on a Windows 11 PC

Airplane mode provides a quick way to disable all wireless communications on your Windows 11 PC.

Some wireless communications include Wi-Fi, cellular communications, Bluetooth, GPS, and Near Field Communication (NFC). Disabling all wireless communication via airplane mode is useful. For example, on an airplane and in an environment where you do not want Wi-Fi or other wireless communication.

Airplane mode can also help conserve battery power, as a PC will not need to consume additional power to search for Wi-Fi signals, connect and forward them to nearby networks or, for example, cell towers.

You can disable airplane mode in Windows 11 in two ways. The first is through the settings, and the second is through the quick settings in the system tray.

How to enable or disable Airplane mode on a Windows 11 PC

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click Settings. Then, on the left side, click Network and Internet first, then Airplane Mode.

Change Airplane mode to “on” to enable airplane mode. You will then also immediately see that “Wi-Fi” is turned off. This is because all wireless communication will now be stopped immediately.

Airplane mode in Windows 11

It is also possible to quickly turn airplane mode on or off via the quick settings. To do this, click on the network time and power icon to the left of the time and date in the taskbar.

The quick settings menu will now open. Then click on “airplane mode” to instantly enable or disable airplane mode. But, again, all wireless communication will be immediately disconnected.

Airplane mode in Quick settings

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