How to Enable or Disable efficiency mode in Windows 11

In Windows 11, an improved feature is available through task manager called “efficiency mode”. Although efficiency mode is not entirely new, in Windows 10, this feature was called eco mode.

Efficiency mode provides improved efficiency for specific processes. For example, suppose you have a process in Windows 11 consuming a lot of CPU and memory. In that case, you can change this process to efficiency mode through task manager. Then the process priority is lowered, and energy efficiency is improved.

In this way, priority is given to other processes, which causes the process in efficiency mode to be given less priority and the overall computer to function better. So that’s the idea of efficiency mode.

How to Enable or Disable efficiency mode in Windows 11

To change an app to efficiency mode, you will need an insider preview version of Windows 11 for now. It is currently not entirely sure whether efficiency mode will come to an official Windows 11, but this is expected.

Right-click on the Start button. Click on task manager in the menu. In task manager, look for the process you want to change to efficiency mode, click on it and click on “Efficiency Mode” in the menu.

turn on Windows 11 proces to efficiency mode

You will see the following message:

Efficiency mode will lower the process priority and improve power efficiency but may cause instability for certain processes. Do you want to continue?

Click the “Turn on efficiency mode” button.

Turn on efficiency mode

You can recognize a process currently in efficiency mode by the leaf icon in Task Manager.

Leaf in task manager efficiency mode in Windows 11

To disable efficiency mode again, right-click on the process and click “Efficiency Mode” in the menu.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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