How to Enable tabs in File Explorer (Windows 11 insider)

In windows 11 insider preview versions, Microsoft is always testing new features. These new features are rolled out to developer versions, also known as (“developer”) previews.

One of these new features is the ability to activate tabs in File Explorer. We are familiar with tabs from the Microsoft Edge browser. It also looks like tabs from Microsoft Edge and works the same way.

To enable tabs in File explorer we need to use a tool called “ViVeTools”. This tool allows you to add specific components to Windows 11 insider developer versions.

It is not clear if tabs will actually become part of File Explorer in the official versions of Windows 11. Here is how to enable tabs in insider build version 22572 and above.

How to enable tabs in File Explorer (Windows 11 insider preview)

To get started, download ViVeTools to your computer running Windows 11 insider version 22572 and higher.

Download vivetools

Next, open the ZIP file and unpack all the files into a folder of your choice. Click on Extract.

Extract all vivetools

Copy the path to the clipboard. We will need this path to the vivetool files.

Copy vivetools path

Next, open a Command Prompt as Administrator. In the Command Prompt, first use the “cd” command to go to the folder where ViVetool.exe is located.

In the Command Prompt type to enable tabs:

vivetool.exe addconfig 34370472 2

vivetool addconfig 34370472 2

Now restart your computer. After the restart, you will see that File explorer now has tabs.

Tabs in File Explorer - Windows Explorer in Windows 11 insider preview

In case you want to disable the tabs in File Explorer, type:

vivetool.exe delconfig 34370472 2

Restart your computer.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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