How to enable Windows Spotlight theme on a Windows 11 PC

At the time of writing this article, Microsoft is testing a new theme in the insider previews (“developer”) version of Windows 11. This is the Windows Spotlight theme.

Windows Spotlight is a theme that uses a dynamic background with images sourced from Bing. These Bing background images are then used as the background on the desktop and lock screen.

You can recognize the Windows Spotlight theme in the “theme” settings by the camera icon. This icon knows that you have set the Windows Spotlight theme. Next to this camera icon, you will find a new icon on the desktop that says “learn about this picture”.

Learn about this picture

If you click on it, a new window will open in the Microsoft Edge browser, opening the Bing search engine with more information.

Again, at the time of writing this article, the Windows Spotlight theme is not yet available for the release version of Windows 11; however, it is expected to be.

If you have installed the Windows 11 insider preview 25163 in the developer channel, you can already activate the Windows Spotlight.

How to enable Windows Spotlight theme on a Windows 11 PC

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, then click Settings. In Settings, click on “Personalization” on the left side. Next, click on “Themes” to select a Windows 11 theme.

Click on the “Windows Spotlight” theme to set this new theme.

Enable Windows Spotlight theme in Windows 11

If you don’t see this theme, you can add it through ViveTools. Download ViveTools to your computer.

Unzip the files and place them on the desktop, for example. Now open a Windows Terminal window as administrator and go to the folder where ViveTools.exe is placed.

In the Terminal window, enter the following command:

vivetools.exe /enable /id:39258685

Now restart your computer. After the restart, you can set the Windows Spotlight theme through the theme settings.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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