How to find images, text or translate text using Google Lens?

Google Chrome is a very comprehensive browser, and more and more new features are added to the browser. Google Lens is one such feature. Google Lens was previously available in various apps from Google on Android devices such as cell phones or tablets.

However, many people don’t know that Google Lens can also be used in the Chrome browser on a PC. Using Google Lens on a PC, you can search images, text, and more in the Google search engine.

What is Google Lens?

Google Lens is an artificial intelligence feature from Google. Users can use Google Lens to identify or search images, text, and objects. For example, suppose you want to know what kind of plant you have come across, you can take a picture of it through Google Lens, and the type of plant will become visible.

As indicated, Google Lens is already part of Google search, Google Photos, and even integrated into the Camera app on Android operating system devices.

How to find images, text, or translate text using Google Lens?

In the Google Chrome browser, you can also use Google Lens. This allows you to find and identify images on the Internet. Here’s how it works.

Open the Chrome browser and go to an image you want to learn more about. Then right-click on the image or free space and click “Search for images with Google Lens.”

Search images with Google Lens

Then, on the web page, select which image you want to identify by dragging the mouse over the image and selecting which piece you need.

Drag over any image to search using google lens

Visual matches will now be searched through Google in a new window. You will immediately see other results with images that match.

This way, you can search for similarities, better deals, different colors, etc.

Visual matches using Google Lens

You don’t have to use Google Lens only for images. You can also use it to search for pieces of text and even automatically translate pieces of text by selecting them.

Search for text in image using Google Lens

It’s not that you can only select one image at a time. Instead, you can use the free space to select multiple images at once and search for them.

In a later version of Google Lens, Google will also come with a tool to draw what you want to search for. Think of a small tool where you can draw around an image to perform an even more precise search.

I hope to have informed you about the possibilities with Google Lens. Thank you for reading!

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