How to fix Sound not working on YouTube in Google Chrome

Sound is an essential part of the experience when watching YouTube videos. If the sound in a YouTube video is not working correctly, it is annoying.

Several sound problems can occur when watching YouTube videos. For example, users may experience problems because the sound starts to falter, the sound may drop out, or the volume may be set too high or too low.

To solve sound problems associated with YouTube, we need to provide some checks and solutions, starting with the Google Chrome browser. Several sound settings and enhancements are available in the Google Chrome browser that can affect the sound of YouTube videos.

After checking sound settings in the browser, we will check the sound settings in the Windows operating system. For example, there are several settings in Windows that can add improvements to the sound experience. However, experience shows that these improvements can negatively affect the sound resulting in sound problems.

How to fix Sound not working on YouTube in Google Chrome?

We go through several steps to identify and fix the sound problem. If the solution does not work, move on to the next solution until you have completed all of them.

Restarting the Google Chrome browser

The simplest and quickest solution to resolving audio browser issues is to restart the browser. Restarting the browser restores specific processes related to the Chrome browser.

Initially, you can close the tab that YouTube is playing on and reopen it. If this does not solve the problem, close the entire Chrome browser and restart the Chrome browser again.

Mute and unmute the tab

You can mute the sound in a Google Chrome tab. In this way, you temporarily turn off the sound only for that specific tab. Turning off the sound of the tab first and then turning it back on can help you solve sound problems.

Right-click on the tab where there are sound problems. For example, this could be the tab where YouTube is open.

In the menu, click on “Mute site”. The sound played by this tab will now be muted.

Mute site in Google Chrome

Right-click on the tab again and click on “Unmute site”. The tab can now play sound again.

Unmute site in Google Chrome

Disable Hardware Acceleration in the Chrome browser

Hardware acceleration in Google Chrome uses the built-in video card from your PC to load certain functions. Hardware acceleration in Google Chrome is enabled by default.

It is recommended to disable hardware acceleration and assess whether the problem is solved after this.

Click on the menu in the Google Chrome browser. In the menu, then click on Settings.

Open the Google Chrome settings

In the left menu, first, click on Advanced and then System. After that, you can disable hardware acceleration by unchecking the option “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

Turn off hardware acceleration in Google chrome

Disable conflicting browser extensions in Google Chrome

There are many types of browser extensions available for Google Chrome. Each browser extension modifies or adds something to the Chrome browser.

Some extensions may conflict with certain features, such as playing YouTube videos and the associated sound. Since there are too many browser extensions to go through them all. You need to check yourself if there are browser extensions installed in your Google Chrome browser that may cause problems related to sound.

Click on the menu in the Google Chrome browser. In the menu, then click on Settings.

Open the Google Chrome settings

Then in the left menu under Settings, click on Extensions.

Open extension settings in Google Chrome

Check all installed extension(s). If you suspect an extension installed that may affect the sound in Chrome when watching YouTube, click the blue slider and temporarily disable the extension.

It is even better to disable all extensions and then check if the problem is solved. Then, restart the browser when you are done.

Disable all extensions that may affect sound in Google chrome

Audio playback troubleshooter

Several troubleshooters are available in Windows 10 and in Windows 11. These troubleshooters can automatically detect and fix problems with audio playback, among other things.

Using this audio playback troubleshooter can help solve browser audio problems.

Right-click on the Start button. Then click on Run from the menu. In the Run window type:

control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting

Open troubleshooters in Windows

Click Other Trouble-shooters and then start the Playing audio Troubleshooter. You can start this troubleshooter by clicking the run button on the right.

Start the playing audio troubleshooter in Windows

Go through the procedure. If audio (sound) problems are found, Windows will fix them.

Disable audio enhancements

In Windows 11, you can apply enhancements to the audio. These are settings that can improve the speaker configuration. Think of bass boost, virtual sound, room correction, and equalization of the tone control.

These enhancements thus have an impact on the sound being played back. Disabling all these enhancements can fix sound problems with YouTube in the Chrome browser.

Right-click on the sound icon in the system tray. In the menu, then click on Sound Settings.

Open sound settings in Windows system tray

In the sound settings, navigate down until you get to more sound settings. Then, click on it to open more sound settings.

Open more sound settings

Click on the installed speaker configuration and click on the Properties button at the bottom.

Open speaker properties in Windows

Click on the Enhancements tab and disable all enhancements by checking “Disable all enhancements”. Click OK to confirm.

Disable all sound enhancements in Windows

Remember that should this not solve the sound problem, you enable the enhancements again.

I hope this has resolved sound issues with YouTube in the Google Chrome browser. Thanks for reading!

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