How to Fix “The application can’t be opened – 10673” on Mac

Since early 2022, many macOS users have complained that they get the error message “The application can’t be opened – 10673” when they click on a link.

For example, the error “The application can’t be opened – 10673” appears when clicking a link in the Mail app. It also happens that the error message appears when opening links in other apps such as Finder.

There is no immediate solution, but you can do some things to prevent error 10673.

Suppose you use an alternative browser to Safari, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. In that case, it may help to change the default browser back to Safari. This way, you will be able to open hyperlinks from the Mail program.

You should also ensure that you have installed the latest updates for macOS and your browser. Make sure to clean your Mac with CleanMyMac from unwanted apps.

How to Fix “The application can’t be opened – 10673” on Mac

To prevent the error, you need to change your default browser in macOS back to Safari.

Click on the Apple logo in the top left corner. Click on System Preferences in the menu. In the system preferences, click on General.

Change “Default web browser” to Safari.

For as long as there is no fix from Apple, this is the workaround. Keep up to date by visiting this URL:

Click the Apple logo on the top left. Click on About this Mac, then click on the Software update button to install the latest macOS updates.

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