How to increase bass or lower tones on a Windows 11 PC?

When you listen to music through your Windows 11 computer, you want the best sound experience. However, this sound experience can be affected by different settings and equipment.

If you want to improve the sound of the Bass (“lower tones”) in Windows 11, then this is possible without tools. In Windows 11, you can improve the sound through the settings.

One of these improvements is to increase the lowest frequencies. In this way, you can increase the bass tones. Here’s how it works.

How can I increase the Bass (low frequencies) in Windows 11?

To begin, open the Control Panel. In Control Panel, click on “Hardware and Sounds”. In the “Sound” settings, then click on “Manage Audio Devices”.

Manage audio devices

Click on the Speakers and then the Properties button.

Speakers properties in Windows 11

In the “Enhancements” settings, you can select enhancements to apply to the current speaker configuration.

To increase the Bass (“lower frequencies”), enable the “Bass Boost” option. Then click the apply button and then click OK.

The changes to the bass tones will not take effect until the next time you start playback.

Turn on bass boost in Windows 11

I hope this has succeeded in increasing the Bass. Thanks for reading!

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