How to increase volume in Google Chrome above 100%

If you play media via the Google Chrome browser, for example, a movie, excerpt, or online stream. Then the default volume of your PC is used. While you can adjust this volume on the operating system itself, you cannot increase it beyond the 100% limit.

This limits the sound in the Google Chrome browser to what the computer can produce.

However, there is a way to still increase the volume through the Google Chrome browser beyond the 100% limit. By installing the extension I recommend, you can even increase the sound volume to 600% of the original volume.

Small disclaimer, be careful not to damage the audio output! So don’t increase to 600% immediately, but increase the volume a little bit until you notice that it is still safe and there is no crackling, interference etc.

How to Increase sound volume in Google Chrome above 100%

To start, open the Chrome browser and install the “Volume master” extension.

Add volume master extension to Google Chrome

After installing the extension, I recommend “pinning” the extension to the menu bar. This way, the extension is always visible.

Click on the puzzle icon in the menu bar. Then right next to “Volume Master – volume control” click on the thumbtack icon to pin the extension.

Pin the extension to menu in Chrome

Now open media, such as YouTube or other media, and start playback. Then click on the “Volume master” icon in the menu bar, and you can increase the volume for this tab. You can adjust it for each individual tab.

The extension itself displays how much the volume has been increased. In this example, you will see “280,” which means that the volume for this tab has increased by 180% to 280%.

increase volume above limit in Google chrome

This extension offers no additional purchases and does not display ads. You can use it free to increase the volume for a tab in the Google Chrome browser.

You can remove the extension if it is not what you are looking for.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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