How to install a language pack in Windows 11? Here’s how!

When you install Windows, you are given an option to select your preferred language. When you do, Windows uses your preferred language for Windows features such as Settings and File Explorer.

After installing Windows on your device, you can also install additional language packs to expand your list of Windows display languages. Language packs can include features to support text-to-speech, speech recognition, handwriting, keyboarding, optical character recognition, and more.

Suppose a language is listed under preferred languages but does not appear in the Windows display languages list. In that case, you must first install the corresponding language pack. This can only be done if the language pack is available.

How to install a language pack in Windows 11

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu. Click Time and Language on the left and then Language & Region.

Under preferred languages, you can add a language pack by clicking the “Add language” button.

Add a language in Windows 11

Then select the language you wish to install. Then click on next.

Choose language to install in Windows 11

Select the language components to install. In addition, you have some optional choices, such as language pack, text to speech, speech recognition, handwriting.

If you want to customize the display language of Windows 11, make sure that “Set as my Windows display language” is enabled. Click Install.

Install language features in Windows 11

In the Language & Region settings in Windows 11 that the new language is being installed. This doesn’t take long.

You can change the keyboard layout to the new language settings at the bottom right of the taskbar near the system icons and overflow menu.

Change keyboard layout in Windows 11 using the overflow menu

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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