How to install Internet Explorer in Windows 11?

Internet Explorer is no longer part of Windows 11. Also, you can’t install it via optional features and run as “iexplore.exe” opens the default Microsoft Edge browser.

If you still want to use Internet Explorer, you can solve this in two ways.

The first way is to run Microsoft Edge in Internet Explorer mode. And the second way is to download and open a standalone Internet Explorer file called “OpenInternetExplorer”.

OpenInternetExplorer was recently released and is still in the early stages of development. OpenInternetExplorer will not affect your current Internet settings and can be used alongside other browsers. However, it is a standalone app, with limitations.

Internet Explorer for Windows 11?

You can download OpenInternet Explorer from Github. However, the executable file is flagged as “dangerous” in the browser. Browsers do this very often because Windows SmartScreen flags unknown files.

Download the executable file from the link above. Then click on the Download icon in the browser’s address bar (Microsoft Edge in this example) and click “Keep”.

After that, click “Keep anyway” again. The file will now be downloaded.

OpenInternetExplorer app from Github

When you open OpenInternetExplorer.exe you will immediately see the Internet Explorer browser. However, there are some limitations to this Internet Explorer browser.

This Internet Explorer version is not updated at all. You can change settings in it, but they will not be saved. Also, you can not set a start page.

Internet Explorer in Windows 11

This app is only meant to open certain websites that require Internet Explorer. Think for example, of an Intranet website. I do not recommend using this fork of the Internet Explorer browser to surf the Internet.

So if you necessarily need Internet Explorer for a test or project, you can use this OpenInternetExplorer app. In all other cases, I would advise against it.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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