How to Lock a Windows 11 PC Remotely?

If you are using a Microsoft account, all devices you have ever logged in with are added to your Microsoft account device settings.

You can then manage a device through these online settings. This also allows you to lock the computer remotely. Locking a remote PC helps you secure your PC.

Suppose you ever forget to lock your PC. In that case, you can still lock the PC by first logging in to your Microsoft account through the browser. After you log in, find the computer you are trying to lock. Then, you can enter a message to the active user before you remotely lock the PC.

How to Lock a Windows 11 PC Remotely?

To begin, log in to your Microsoft account credentials using the following link:

In the “Devices” section, find the device you want to remotely lock in the list. Then click the “View Details” link to open the device details.

View device details

At the top, click the “Find My Device” link.

Find my device link

Click on the computer you want to lock in the list of devices. To remotely lock the device, click the blue “Lock” button.

Lock Windows 11 device remotely

Log out any active users and disable local users. Administrators with permissions will still have access, but unauthorized access will be blocked. Your device will be locked and location tracking services will be enabled.

Enter a message to display on the PC that will be locked. Then click “Lock” to confirm.

Lock this Windows 11 computer remotely

The PC will now be locked remotely. The active user sees the message you entered. Status updates are sent to the e-mail address of your Microsoft account.

I hope this has succeeded in remotely locking the PC. Thank you for reading!

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