How to manage desktop icons in Windows 11

In Windows 11, it has become even easier to manage icons placed on the desktop.

Several view options have been added that allow you to manage the icons on the desktop. For example, you can change the icons on the desktop to large, medium, or small icons.

You can also display the icons on a grid, automatically arrange them on the desktop and even hide them.

How to manage desktop icons in Windows 11

Right-click on free space on the desktop to display the options to manage the desktop icons. In the menu, click on “View”. You will now see the options for desktop icons.

Resize desktop icons

By making a selection, you can change the size of the icons. You can choose from large, medium, or small icons. There are also three key combinations.

To display large desktop icons on the desktop, press CTRL + SHIFT + 2. For medium desktop icons press CTRL + SHIFT + 3 and for small desktop icons press CTRL + SHIFT + 4.

Hold down the CTRL key and scroll with the middle mouse wheel to select a size yourself. You can now resize the desktop icons yourself.

Arrange desktop icons automatically

If you regularly add new desktop icons, then it can be helpful to let Windows 11 arrange the desktop icons themselves. To use this option, turn on “Auto arrange icons”.

When you add a desktop icon, it is automatically applied to the already available grid. So you don’t have to align it yourself anymore.

Align desktop icons to grid

You can place desktop icons anywhere you want. However, if you enable “Align icons to grid”, all icons will be placed in an invisible grid. The desktop icons will then be placed horizontally and vertically in a straight line on an invisible grid.

Hide or Show desktop icons

If you like your desktop to be clear, you can hide the desktop icons. To do this right, click on free space on the desktop. Then, in the menu click on “View” and then on “Show desktop icons”.

I hope to have helped you with this guide. Thank you for reading!

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