How to Optimize Video Playback automatically in Windows 11

Several features are available in Windows 11 to automatically optimize videos during playback. For example, you can adjust HDR settings to use HDR when playing or streaming videos.

Using UWP (“Universal Windows Platform“) apps in Windows 11 to play videos, you can let Windows optimize the video quality itself.

UWP apps include the “Movies and TV” app, the Photos app, and apps you can download from the Microsoft Store, such as Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu. These apps support automatically optimize video quality.

How to Optimize Video Playback automatically in Windows 11

The “automatically process video to improve it (depending on your device’s hardware)” feature helps you improve video quality.

It’s not entirely clear exactly how this feature works. Moreover, Microsoft itself is pretty unclear about it.

According to users, it would be filters applied to video, and others again say that hardware support is applied to improve video quality. However, it works. This is how you turn it on.

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu. Then click “Apps” on the left side of the menu and then “Video playback”.

Video playback settings in Windows 11

To automatically improve video quality through UWP apps, enable the following option.

  • Process video automatically to enhance it (depending on your device hardware).

You can enable the following option if connected via an internet connection with a bandwidth limit.

  • Save network bandwidth by playing video at a lower resolution.

There are also several battery options. For example, when watching a video through the battery you can optimize the video to extend the battery life.

Also, you can specify that if the laptop is running on battery power, the automatic optimization of the video will not be performed. You can have the video played at a lower quality to save battery power.

Process video automatically to enhance it

So there are several optimizations available for video playback in Windows 11, both for video quality and battery life.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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