How to Personalize input methods in Windows 11?

You can customize this appearance by using input methods such as the emojis input panel, the touch keyboard, or voice input in Windows 11.

Since the Windows 11 update 22H2, users can apply a personal touch to the appearance of these input methods. Also, this personal theme is applied to all text input fields.

In the previous Windows 11 version, it was only possible to change the color of the touch keyboard.

The Windows 11 22H2 update also brings new themes and the ability to set a background image on these input methods and text input. In this way, anyone who uses these can apply a personal theme to these commonly used functions and further customize the Windows 11 look.

How to Personalize input methods in Windows 11?

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on Settings. On the left side, first, click on Personalization, and then on the right side, click on Text Input.

Text input settings in Windows 11

Now choose a theme for the touch keyboard, voice input, emoji, and input methods. You can choose from 15 selected themes.

Text input themes in Windows 11

By clicking the “Custom theme” button at the bottom, you can configure your own theme.

For example, you can set a background color for the text input. These background settings will be applied to all Windows text entry fields. You can also set a background image, change the accent color, and change the text color.

If you are using the touch keyboard, you can further change the key background color, the key background transparency, key text color, and open a preview of the on-screen keyboard after the changes.

If you want to restore everything as before after the changes, then click on the reset button. If everything is as desired, click on Save.

Configure a custom theme for input text in Windows 11

Below is an example of a default theme applied to the touch keyboard.

Theme applied to the touch keyboard in Windows 11

I also applied a theme to the emoji input text field. This will give you an idea of applying a default or custom theme to input fields in Windows 11.

Theme applied to emoji input text

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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