How to play the Surf game in the Microsoft Edge browser?

Many people don’t know that browsers often contain “easter eggs.” These are hidden jokes that the browser developers have added to the browser.

For example, the Google Chrome browser has a T-rex game. This T-rex game lets users play a game with no internet connection where a T-rex must jump over objects to gain points.

The Firefox browser also has such a hidden “easter egg” game. This is the Unicorn pong game. The funny thing is that this requires building an object first to play it. The game itself, pong is a game where a unicorn is sent up and down between two bars, the one who lets the unicorn through has lost.

How to play the Surf game in the Microsoft Edge browser?

There are easter eggs in the form of games in all well-known browsers. For example, the Microsoft Edge browser also has such a game. This is the Surf game.

Surf game in the Microsoft Edge browser

The Surf game in the Microsoft Edge browser contains three different game modes. The first game mode is the “Endless” mode. In “Endless” mode, a player must travel as far as possible while helping a friend by defeating enemies.

Endless gamemodus in Surf game

In addition to the “Endless” game mode, there is also the “Time trial” game mode. A player must reach the end as quickly as possible in this game mode and collect coins to subtract time.

Time trial gamemodus in Edge surf game

There is the “Zig zag” game mode as the last game mode. In this gamemode, the player must zigzag between the gates to achieve the highest score.

Zig zag gamemodus in Edge surf game

You start the Surf game by typing in the address bar: edge://surf. The game will then open. To play, immediately press the space bar. Then you can use the arrow keys to move left and right and dodge the objects. Go for the highest score.

To adjust the settings of the Surf game, click on the cog icon in the upper right corner. You can now adjust various settings such as the game mode, higher visibility, a reduced speed for beginners, start a new game or reset all stats.

Settings in Microsoft Edge surf game

I hope this has informed you. Have fun. Thanks for reading!

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