How to Project Screen to Display, Projector or Beamer using Windows 11

In Windows 11, you can project the screen. You can project the screen to other displays attached to a laptop, for example, or project the screen to a projector such as a beamer.

Windows 11 offers four different ways to project the screen to a display, projector, or beamer. These are “PC screen only”, “Duplicate”, “Extend” and “Second screen only”.

Each of the above ways to project focuses on precisely what you want to accomplish. This article will tell you what the above four projection ways offer and how to project via Windows 11.

How to Project Screen to Display, Projector, or Beamer in Windows 11

To begin with, I will explain the different ways of projecting offers in Windows 11.

PC Screen Only

If you have multiple monitors connected to a laptop, for example, and wish to use only the primary screen, you can select this option.


Duplicating means that everything displayed on the primary screen is also displayed on the second monitor or beamer. So the screen will be displayed twice the same on a connected external monitor or via a projector/beamer.


If you have multiple monitors connected and want to extend the screen, this is your option. This creates a larger screen but still works through the primary monitor. It can also be used when setting up a beamer. You just need to drag the windows to the position, so they become visible through the beamer. Of course, this also applies to an additional monitor.

Second screen only

If you have a second screen connected and you only want to work with the second screen, an external display in case of a laptop, for example, this is the option for you. In the case of a laptop, the primary display is not used then. You can also use this option with a beamer. You will then work via the beamer.

Projecting the display via Windows 11

To project a screen, you can use Quick Settings. These are several shortcuts located to the left of the time and date in the taskbar.

To open the Quick Settings, click on the Network, Sound, or Battery icon to the left of the Time and Date.

open quick settings in Windows 11

A window will now open. No “Project” button is displayed in the Quick Settings by default. You will need to add this button, this can be done by clicking on the brush.

Edit Quick Settings in Windows 11 to add project button

Then click the “Add” button and click “Project”. Finish by clicking the “Done” button.

Add project button to Quick settings in Windows 11

In the Quick Settings, click on “Project”. You can now choose the four different ways to project using Windows 11. Alternatively, you can press the key combination Windows key + P.

how to project screen in Windows 11

You can also access the projection settings through the settings. Right-click on the Start button. Click Settings in the menu. Then click on System on the left and then on Display. Now click on “multiple displays” and select the desired projection mode.

I hope to have helped you with this. Thanks for reading!

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