How to receive Windows Insider builds in Windows 11 (Full guide)

Updates arrive earlier on your computer once you are signed up for the Windows Insider program. So you get priority in this area from Microsoft. But it can also happen that Microsoft tests functions that don’t make it in the end – for example, because they cause too many problems.

Installing these updates is not without risk. The test versions of Windows 11 (called Insider builds) are not always equally stable. So don’t be put off by problems with drivers you didn’t have before or software that suddenly stops working correctly. Try it at your own risk.

You can also choose to install Insider-builds only on a second (crafty) PC, instead of the one you need every day. So in case something goes wrong, you always have another PC to fall back on. And don’t forget: back up your important files first.

To use the Windows 11 insider program, your computer must have the system requirements for Windows 11. It is no longer possible to receive insider previews if your PC does not have the specs to run Windows 11. In fact, in some insider builds, the PC is checked to see if it meets the requirements to successfully boot Windows 11, such as TPM and Secure boot, for example, insider build 22563.

How to receive Windows Insider builds in Windows 11

To sign up your computer for the Windows insider program, open the Settings. Click “Windows Update” and then “Windows Insider Program” on the left.

Get Windows insider builds in Windows 11

You may then get a notification that you need to enable “Optional diagnostic data”. Next, click on the message “Open Diagnostics & feedback”.

Open diagnostic and feedback data

Then enable the “Send optional diagnostic data” option. It helps Microsoft to improve the experience in Windows 11 and solve problems. It will send data to Microsoft, such as the websites you visit, how you use apps and features in Windows 11, and enable extended logging on error messages.

Send optional diagnostic data

Then return to the “Windows Insider Program” and click the “Get started” button.

Windows insider programme get started

The first step of four is to link a Microsoft account. Without a Microsoft account, you cannot participate in the Insider program.

Click on the “Link an account” button.

Link an account to insider program

Next, select a work account or a Microsoft account.

Link a work of microsoft account

Sign in with your Microsoft account.

Sign in with account to receive insider builds of Windows 11

The next step is the channel you need to choose to receive insider builds. You have a choice of three different insider builds, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

Dev channel

Dev of (“developer”) channel is for technical users. If you choose the Developers channel, you will be the first to receive the latest updates for Windows 11. The downside is that insider developer builds often contain errors. It is impossible to stop receiving insider builds later. Once you choose the dev channel, you cannot stop the insider program without reinstalling your computer.

Beta channel

In the beta channel, stable builds of the insider program are installed on your computer. Microsoft validated these updates, and your possible comments on the beta builds have the most impact.

Release preview

Suppose you are a commercial user of Windows 11 and want to have solutions and new features just a little earlier. In that case, you should choose the release preview program. Most problems have been solved, and these versions are almost identical to the official builds for end users.

Make your thoughtful choice and click “Continue”.

Choose insider channel build

In step three, you must agree to the agreements for your device. Read the Microsoft insider program agreement and the Microsoft insider privacy agreements. Then click the “Continue” button.

Microsoft insider program agreements

The last step, step four, explains what you need to do to finish signing up for insider previews. First, you need to restart the computer and connect your computer to AC power. Click “Restart now” when you are finished.

Restart Windows 11 computer to receive Windows insider builds

After the restart, you will now receive insider builds. Go to the Windows update settings and check for new updates by clicking “Download now” to check for new builds. If new insider builds are available, these versions will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

Download new previews or insider builds in Windows 11

How to stop receiving Windows insider builds

If you don’t want to receive new insider builds, click on “Windows insider program” and disable the option “Unenroll this device when the next version of Windows releases”.

Stopping receiving insider builds is only possible for the beta and releases preview channel, not for the dev (“developer”) channel. If you selected the dev channel, you would need to completely reinstall your computer.

Stop getting newer builds

I hope this helped you and that you could receive Windows insider previews on your Windows 11 computer. Thanks for reading!

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