How to record your voice in Windows 11

If you want to record your own voice or spatial audio, you can do so in Windows 11 through the voice recorder app.

The voice recorder app is an app with basic functionality. There are hardly any features present to edit the audio. All you can do is record audio, such as audio from the room you are in or your own voice. To record this audio, you need a microphone connected to your Windows 11 computer.

In addition to having your microphone connected, you also need to have microphone access enabled in Windows 11 to record your voice through the voice recorder app. Here’s how the voice recorder app works in Windows 11.

How to record your voice in Windows 11

Click the magnifying glass in the taskbar. In the search window, search for “voice recorder”. Click on the voice recorder result to open the app.

Open voice recorder app in Windows 11

You should now connect your microphone to your Windows 11 computer if you have not already done so. After connecting, check that microphone access is enabled. You can do this the following way through the voice recorder app.

At the bottom right of the voice recorder app, click the three horizontal dots and click Microphone Settings.

Voice recorder microphone settings

Make sure “Microphone Access” option is turned on.

Enable microphone access in Windows 11

Navigate until you get to “voice recorder” in the “Let apps access your microphone” settings.

Verify that microphone access is enabled for the voice recorder app.

turn on microphone access for voice recorder app in Windows 11

If you have checked all of this, you can record audio through the voice recorder app.

You can use the voice recorder app to make different recordings, audio, lectures, interviews etc. You have to click on the blue button to start recording.

Start recording with microphone app in Windows 11

If you are recording audio, you can stop, pause, or add a mark.

Stop, pause or mark a recording in Windows 11

You will see all recordings in a list after stopping. In addition, you will see the name, date, time, and length of the audio recording(s).

All recording with voice recorder app in Windows 11

By right-clicking on the recording, you can rename it, share it, delete it or open the file location.

manage recordings in the voice recorder app

By clicking on the recording, the recording will be replayed. Again, at the bottom, you will see the different options to share the recording, edit it or show the file location.

The default file location for all sound recordings through the voice recorder app is C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sound recordings\. In addition, by default, the sound recording through the voice recorder app is saved in (“m4a”) audio format on your computer.

I hope this has helped you. Thanks for reading!

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