How to rename folder(s) in the Windows 11 Start menu

Windows 11 is getting more and more expanded with new features. These features are added to make it easier for the end-user to work with Windows 11.

Since the introduction of Windows 11, the Start menu has been updated more and more. New apps are now added as pins to the Start menu, and the Start menu is placed in the middle.

Since Windows 11 insider 22579, the Start menu can now be customized even more. It was already possible to group multiple apps into folders but not yet to rename them.

It is now possible to rename a folder of apps in the Start menu, and it is not complicated. Renaming a group of apps in the Start menu helps you better identify the group. In fact, by default, the group name “Folder” is created when you group apps in the Start menu.

How to rename a folder in the Windows 11 Start menu

When you want to rename a folder in the Windows 11 Start menu, you have to click on the Folder name. Next, click on “Edit name” and enter a new name.

Alternatively, use keyboard focus to open the folder then select the text box and start typing.

Rename folder in the Start menu of Windows 11

It is very simple yet so effective.

I hope this was useful to you, thank you for reading!

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