How to Run an app as another user in Windows 11?

In Windows 11, you can work with multiple user accounts. For example, standard users, guests, or administrators across multiple users are possible.

By running an app (“a program”) as a different user, it is not necessary to switch user accounts. Thus, there is no need to log off the current user and log on again with another account.

There are several ways to run an app as another user. Most via a key combination, others via a Windows registry modification.

How to Run an app as another user in Windows 11?

To run an app as a different user, you can use the following key combination. Right-click on an executable (*.exe) file or shortcut while holding the SHIFT key.

Click “Show more options”.

Show more options

Then click “Run as a different user” from the menu.

Run as a different user

After this, you can specify the credentials to log in with another user. You will enter the username and password of this user here.

If you click “more choices” you can also run the app under a user with a Microsoft account.

Run as a different user

This is how you run an app as another user in Windows 11.

Add “Run as a different user” to the Start menu

Now, if you often need to run an app as a different user and the app you want to run is located as a shortcut in the Start menu, you can add the “Run as a different user” menu item to the Start menu via the
Windows Registry Editor.

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click Run. In the Run window type: regedit.exe.

Go to the following location:


If “Explorer” does not already exist, you can create this folder by right-clicking on “Windows” and then clicking on New and then Key. Give this Key the name “Explorer”. If the “Explorer” key already exists, continue.

Right-click “Explorer” and then click New and then DWORD 32-bit value. Name this value “ShowRunAsDifferentUserInStart”.

Double click on the “ShowRunAsDifferentUserInStart” DWORD 32-bit value and change the value data to “1” without quotes.


Now restart your computer.

After the restart, right-click on an app in the Start menu, and you will see a “Run as a Different User” menu item in the context menu.

Run as a different user in Start menu context menu

I hope to have helped you with this. Thank you for reading!

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