How to Scale a display in Windows 11 using the Settings?

Scaling the appearance in Windows 11 is done automatically. All components such as Windows, taskbar, and apps windows are scaled by Windows 11 based on the display settings.

Of course, it is possible to adjust the scaling yourself. For example, you can adjust the default scale 100% to 200% or more via the default scale settings.

If this scaling is insufficient, you can enter a percentage to scale the screen yourself.

Scaling the display in Windows 11 is somewhat different than adjusting the text size. If you adjust a scaling, then you adjust all windows and components.

How to Scale a display in Windows 11 using the Settings?

Right-click on the Start button. In the menu, click on “Settings”.

In the left menu, click on “System” and then click on “Display” in the right menu.

Open display settings in Windows 11

You can change the size of text, apps, and other items by adjusting the scale. Click on the “recommended” percentage and choose a new scaling percentage from the list to choose a default scaling percentage.

Change scaling in Windows 11 for display

To enter a new scale of your own to scale with, click on the right arrow next to “Scale”. You will now open the scale settings.

You can enter a custom scale between 100% and 500%. When you are done, click the checkmark to confirm the scale.

Custom scaling in Windows 11

After entering a custom scale, you must log in again to activate the custom display scale in Windows 11.

I hope this has helped you. Thank you for reading!

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