How to Share a printer on the network using Windows 11

Windows 11 allows you to share a printer with other computers or devices on the same computer network.

Sharing a printer through a Windows 11 computer on a network allows other computers to print through the shared printer.

Printer sharing is helpful if the printer you want to add does not have a network or wireless network feature. So should the printer only have a USB or DB-25 cable, you can still share the printer over the local network.

This article will read how to share a printer over Windows 11 in a network. You will also read how to add a shared printer in Windows 11.

How can I share a printer in Windows 11?

To begin with, in Windows 11, you need to adjust the network settings to the “Private” network.

Right-click on the Start button. Then click on Settings in the menu. In the Settings, click on “Network & Internet” and then on the active connection “Ethernet” or Wi-Fi”.

Change the “Network Profile Type” to “Private”.

Your device is discoverable in the network. Select this option if you want to share files or use apps that communicate through this network. You must know and trust the people and devices on the network.

Change network profile type to private in Windows 11

Next, click on “Bluetooth & Devices” in the left menu and then on “Printers & Scanners”.

Click on the printer you want to share on the local network. In the printer settings, then click on “Printer properties”.

Printer properties

In the properties for the printer, click on the “Sharing” tab. Then click the “Change sharing options” button.

Change sharing options in printer settings

To share the printer over the network, enable the “Share this printer” option. Optionally, you can change the “Share Name” to a clearly recognizable name on the network for the printer.

When you share this printer, only users with a user name and password for this computer can print to this printer. Additionally, the printer is unavailable when the computer is in sleep mode.

Share this printer in Windows 11

Click Apply and then click OK. You have now successfully added the printer partially over the network via a Windows 11 PC.

How can I add a shared printer in Windows 11?

Follow the steps below to add a shared printer (“network printer”) in Windows 11.

Right-click on the Start button. Click on Settings in the menu. Click “Bluetooth & Devices” in the left menu and then “Printers & Scanners”.

Click the blue “Add Device” button to add a network printer in the printers and scanners settings. Then, wait until it says “Add manually” and click it.

Manually add a shared printer in Windows 11

Select the “Select a shared printer by name” option. Then, click Browse to search for the printer or enter the IP address and shared printer name.

Click Next.

Select a shared printer by name

Give the added network printer a distinct name and click “next” to finish.

Printer name on the network in Windows 11

I hope this information has helped you share a printer over the network using Windows 11.

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